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Unfortunately, we are closed.

It's been a blast teaching classes, but because of other pursuits, we can't give the appropriate time and effort to classes that customers would deserve. We have no plans to reopen, but we never say never.

I teach simple cooking in your kitchen.

People around the world prepare and eat simple, nutritious meals every day while staying healthy. I teach that cooking in your kitchen in small, hands on classes. I travel out of Davis Square, in Somerville, MA


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Teaching Menus

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International Foods

spanish tapas

from my travels to barcelona and sevilla. items include pan con tomate, espinaqas con queso, marinated olives, huevos (eggs), sardines with oranges, and salted chocolate drizzled with olive oil.

israeli cooking

from my travels to israel. learn home made pita bread, shakshouka (poached eggs), israeli salad, and other traditional recipes.

seared chicken and pan sauces (french origin)

adapted from julia child! use common liquid ingredients most people keep on hand like chicken stock, orange juice, or milk to make wonderful sauces.


pasta sauces: quick easily adaptable, and completely distinct from your jarred tomato sauces.

Great for the Beginner

ultimate brunch

poached eggs, scrambled, hash, full english breakfast, french toast. all my personal recipes, perfected and gathered over the years. truly epic.

soups and stews

unique flavors from different parts of the world, adaptable techniques to make the most of your kitchen. examples include white bean w/ rosemary, pumpkin soup, chilean peanut potato stew, matzoh ball, and more.

theory of salads and dressings

avoid the laundry list of chemicals in storebought salad dressings. learn how to make your own and create an inspired salad you'll look forward to eating.

properly roast chicken

simple, fool proof, and can feed a family of four. learn to truss and carve a chicken in this must know recipe.

Variety: The Spice of Life

what to do if you're hungry now

my own personal style. recipes that cook quickly on top of the stove. perfect for when you come home hungry from work.

make vegetables taste good

oils, sauces, and seasonings, to make vegetarian dishes main dishes.

a few handy latin recipes

authentic cuban beans, refried beans, and others, with surprisingly fresh, vibrant flavors.


Rates and Info

I come to you! I assume you have basic kitchen equipment (stove, pots, pans, etc...) and I bring everything else, including ingredients, the occasional kitchen gadget, and extra knives and cutting boards so everyone can partcipate.


  • $100 for solo or couple
  • $40/person for 3 - 6 people

  • Other Info

  • Classes are approximately 2 hrs
  • Most dietary restrictions can be accomodated
  • Class menus are customized for each class

  • Gift Certificates are Available!


    I'm Sam. I love to cook. I love teaching.

    I love fine dining, but my real passion is for the food of the common man. My interest is in dietary staples; food that regular people cook and eat every day. I frequently find that these foods, especially internationally, are traditional, soulful, nourishing and easy to make.

    I've traveled to Italy, Spain, Israel, England, Namibia, South Africa, Mexico, and Brazil and I want to share what I've learned with you.

    What People Are Saying

    Sam Feller Cooking

    "Sanne and I were both surprised at how accessible tonight's menus were. None of the ingredients would require a separate trip to a special store."
    -Sandy and Mandi's blog

    "Sam has an amazing recipe up his sleeve for lemon-basili-mascarpone-pasta, which I've found can be combined with chicken for absolutely delicious results. It requires very simple and fresh ingredients which Sam showed me how to cook with an easy stove-top method I had never tried before. This is now one of my go-to favorite dishes, and it takes less than 15 minutes to make..."